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About Heather

An Ashaway Rhode Island native, Heather Locke worked as a veterinary technician for seven years before founding Pet Purrfection in Arlington, Virginia in 2010. She began her business with one goal in mind: to provide top-quality, reliable and professional pet care services to Arlington pet owners who consider their pets an integral part of their family.


Heather has had a passion for animals her entire life, and aside from her 15+ years working in animal care has worked at a cheetah conservation program in South Africa and an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Back at home in Virginia, she feels fortunate to be able to spend her days around animals and to help people by caring for their pets. She’s confident that anyone who chooses Pet Purrfection will not only be pleased, but will end their search for a dog walker or animal care taker.

Meet Christine

Christine manages much of the day-to-day for Pet Purrfection, and as a result, most clients and their pets get to know her very well. Christine wrangles our team of  walkers and pet sitters and makes sure everyone is leashed up and where they need to be. She has years of experience providing pet care and happily offers training tips, guidance, and support to pet owners who use our services.


As for our crew of walkers and pet care providers, everyone at Pet Purrfection undergoes a rigorous interview and training process before joining our team. We’re lucky not to experience high rates of staff turnover, which means they will get to know your pets nearly as well as you do. This day-to-day interaction and close attention means our walkers are always prepared to offer stability for your pet and keep an eye out for any unusual behavior your pet might display and customize our services to you and your pet’s individual needs.


Are you in the DMV and are interested in joining the Pet Purrfection team? Visit our Employment page to learn more.

With passion for animals and years of experience in pet care, Pet Purrfection provides top-quality pet care services in Arlington, VA and St. Petersburg, FL

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